essential ingredients

Aidan Sullivan


Ethar Hamid

Ethar Hamid is an aspiring writer and artist from Khartoum, Sudan. She writes poetry and essays, and creates illustrations and comics.

Movement and stillness

Charles Phillips

quiet earth

It’s All Fun and Games Until

Ronald Walker

Suburban Primitive Art, life in the suburbs may not be as civilized as you think!

Are you awake?

Aidan Sullivan

Suspended in Time

Edward Michael Supranowicz

Edward Michael Supranowicz is the grandson of Irish and Russian/Ukrainian immigrants, all of whom worked in the coal mines and steel mills of Appalachia.

a study

Claudia Levey 


Melting the hard metal that makes up presupposed resistance. Imagining a new earth in this molten state, free from rigid form, renewed as an aligned contribution to each moment. Finding thrive in the shapeless heat of the power to flow.

-Aidan Sullivan


Aidan Sullivan

out for blood

Kenzi Martin


Makenzi Martin

birthed by Earth

I questioned why the unparalleled intelligence of the planet had not expressed itself to us, until I realized that it is continuously expressing itself through us. The collective consciousness of the creatures birthed by Earth, allow the planet to become aware of itself. Just as a single thought is unaware of the mind in which it is formed, until it locates itself in the greater web of thought — an ever-renewing expression of the mind.  

-Aidan Sullivan

breathed by another

Aidan Sullivan

Aspen intuition

My morning walk takes me past an unusual aspen grove in a mountain canyon dominated by ancient pines. The strength and wisdom of these old pines is remarkable. They tower through canyons, scaling cliffs, withstanding hundreds of inches of annual snowfall, and providing shelter for countless creatures who call these woods their home. Just like all life in this wild place, these pines are thriving, and their thrive looks so different than that of every other plant with which they share the forest floor.

Some years ago, a patch of lucky aspen saplings took seed underneath the boughs of an immense pine. Here, they were sheltered from the harsh elements and showered with ages of wisdom. The pines gave these saplings time to fortify themselves and become secure in their growth. When the top of the saplings reached the low boughs of the pine, they knew that if they were to thrive, it was time to graduate from their path, change direction, and grow toward the light. If these young aspens were riddled with a socially imposed fear of change, if they were acting on fear of inability to survive, they would have stuck to their course, growing into the dark depths of the old pine, stunting themselves, albeit surviving. These aspens, however, as a deeply intuitive organism, knew that they would not thrive in the dark, so they grew wildly in strange and unexpected directions, toward the light, and reached their own spiraling heights.

-Aidan Sullivan


Makenzi Martin

grow things

Claudia Levey

7 sisters

Kenzi Martin

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