Conscious action toward Thrive for all Life is the basis for the project “Art for a New Earth.” We are calling out around the globe to see and hear your vision of connected thriving Life. Even if only for a moment, throw all fear of success and survival into a forgotten place, and channel expression from a space of celebration. What does your life look like in a world with no civil hindrances? What does life look like on an Earth where each moment is filled with the deepest and most connected sense of Thrive? Together, from a place of united liberation, our visions and voices impact the collective consciousness of the world.  

Ask yourself, are you growing with survival in your sights or are you growing toward your own thrive? If we wish to see good for our natural world, we must first focus on doing good for ourselves.

Consider the choices between reacting and receiving, accomplishing and contributing, consuming and creating. We are conditioned to interact with our world by reacting, accomplishing, and consuming in order to survive. What if, instead, we chose to interact with our environment by being receptive and offering contribution and creation in order to share mutual thrive amongst all Life?

How do we solve the cycle of blindly relinquishing our happiness and freedom for security? How do we keep ourselves from being products of disconnected civilizations? The only way to liberate civilization is to liberate oneself. Art is one of the only true expressions of freedom that we can employ within civilization. Art is the only form of practiced self-expression that is entirely un-subject to discipline within the confines of a society; therefore art is a portal outside of society, as it exists in a realm of lawlessness and consequently fearlessness. 

Humans are ultimately a product of our expressions today, as man is a product of culture, but our culture is also a product of man. The only way for us to impact our evolving culture from a place of agency is through completely liberated expression. As we leave the structured world and embark into the messy energetic realm of creation and being, the lines and boxes in our lives begin to dissolve. At first this can be overwhelming and the feeling of guilt can consume us. We often feel invested in and indebted to a civilization of structure and a life of conventional success. Between the systems of law and guilt, unhindered release of fear and complete liberation within a society is almost impossible, except through the field of art. 

Art is a platform of unchecked freedom. An individual can create art without any form of punishment because where there is no legal or moral restriction, there is nothing one can do incorrectly and nothing for which one can feel guilty. Through creations such as visual art, music, and writing, one can challenge a system of subjugation and effectively weave a new narrative into civilization. 

If we critically observe our culture and history and accumulate a deeper understanding of what drives our decisions, whether it be our culture, our guilt, or our unique desires, and use that understanding to take action in ways that challenge the disconnected confines of civilization, then those actions will manifest and feed into the evolution of an aware and connected culture. 


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